Welsh Housing Equality NetworkThe Welsh Housing Equality Network (WHEN) is a network run by housing providers in Wales to share and promote best practice and understanding of equality in the Welsh housing sector. It is free and open to all member organisations of Tai Pawb. Meetings will be held three times per year, and will be held in different locations around Wales.

Our next WHEN meeting

The next WHEN meeting will take place on 21st November and will focus on gender equality.

Stephanie Griffiths, Senior Participation Partner, Chwarae Teg, will present on the organisation’s Agile Nation 2 career development programme for women and their work in this field. Adele Baumgardt, an Equality Consultant, will discuss the new gender pay gap reporting regulations, what we are required to do, and what we can learn from the data.

We will also provide an update on policy developments in the field of equality and diversity in housing.

Arrival: 9:30am for 10am until 1pm.

If there are any other topics you would like to discuss, please get in touch with Helen Roach, or the Network Chair, Amanda Attfield.

I would be grateful if you could confirm your attendance (including any dietary / access or other requirements) by emailing andrea@taipawb.org.

Our most recent WHEN meeting

The most recent WHEN meeting took place on the 17th January and the topic was customer profiling / equality monitoring.

There was a presentation on collecting, analysing and using data from Claudia Blair, Business Intelligence Analyst & Chris York, Policy and New Initiatives Officer of Monmouthshire Housing.

The presentations and example documents, which accompanied the presentations, can be found under ‘Presentations from Tai Pawb Events’ on our Equality Monitoring and Customer Profiling page.

There was also a talk on collecting, analysing and using data from Laura Franco, Learning and Organisational Development Manager of Bron Afon.

The terms of reference of the network are:

To identify and enable the understanding of good practice and innovation in housing and equality;

To identify and understand potential challenges to equality in housing and to develop practical responses to these;

To feed into and influence Tai Pawb’s influencing and policy work;

To develop a collective approach to solving issues related to equality in housing issues in Wales;

To support and better enable individuals working within housing associations and local authorities to meet the requirements of the Equality Act and other relevant legislation;

To engage with other housing and equality organisations, including the 3rd sector, to develop better equality expertise within the housing sector;

To enable better outcomes for all those with protected characteristics living in Wales

The group also identifies opportunities for wider engagement, improved responses to proposed policy changes and better understanding of equality amongst members.

The Network is chaired by Amanda Attfield (Bron Afon). Tai Pawb provides the secretariat to the Network.

Share Your Own Resources

Our members share their own resources with each other via the Welsh Housing Equality Network Yammer group. Click here to join. Contact us if you need help joining Yammer 029 2053 7635.


Please see the events section of our website for information on upcoming WHEN Meetings.

For further information on the WHEN network please contact helen@taipawb.org or 029 2053 7637.