Report: the housing experiences in Wales of people from ethnic minority communities

Today, alongside our partners at EYST, we publish a full report on the housing experiences in Wales of people from ethnic minority communities.

Underpinned by lived experience – and working in-line with commitments in the Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan – it contains the views and of more than 100 cross-tenure tenants, following digital surveys and in-person focus group sessions.

Some of the experiences referred to are raw and challenging; the research uncovered a number of instances where participants felt their race had played a part and had disadvantaged them.

Participants were also asked to give direct feedback and to propose solutions for tackling the issues they had identified across aspects of communication, maintenance and disrepair, access to appropriate social amenities and more.

Using participants’ feedback alongside the expertise of both Tai Pawb and EYST, there are number of points for consideration across the housing sector, including for social housing providers, private landlords and Welsh Government.

We intend to use the report as a springboard to further discussions with partners and to ensure we weave this work into ongoing the Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan commitments and the Deeds Not Words initiative – ultimately leading to positive change for ethnic minority tenants.

Read the report here.