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Wales is in the midst of a housing crisis. Demand significantly outstrips supply. Many people are unable to afford homes in their local communities. And, for some, the suitability – and safety – of their home is grossly inadequate. It was the housing crisis that  contributed to the tragic circumstances of the Grenfell fire in North London in 2017, claiming 72 lives. We must put measures in place to avoid this ever happening again.

We believe that at the core of any solution to the housing crisis is a national commitment to the fundamental principle that every one of us should have a human right – underpinned by law – to access adequate and sustainable housing. Our Feasibility Report showed the route map to how to achieve this and the next step of our call is a Draft Bill incorporating Right to Adequate Housing into Welsh law.  

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Read the draft bill in English

Read the draft bill in Welsh

A Bill for the right to adequate housing would create a legislative framework to help address some of the key issues of the day:

Homelessness: ensuring we build on some of the measures taken during the COVID-19 crisis, including maximising investment in social housing and support

Security of tenure: strengthening the position of Welsh Government in its rights-based approach, better balancing the rights of tenants to live in security with those of private landlords

Accessible housing: ensuring proper consideration of disabled people’s rights in a housing context, giving them a voice to have those rights recognised and, if needed, enforced

Black, Asian and minority ethnic people, young people and other minority or disadvantaged groups’ access to affordable housing: where local authorities would need to consider the needs of particularly disadvantaged groups in the development of local strategies and the supply of affordable homes

Resource: will push housing up the policy priority list and in turn ensure increased focus of resource and investment, tackling the chronic under-supply of housing as well as support services


The right to adequate housing in Wales: Feasibility Report

On 18th of June 2019 Tai Pawb, CIH Cymru and Shelter Cymru launched a jointly-commissioned report from Alma Economics looking at the positive impacts that incorporating the UN-enshrined right to adequate housing would have in Wales in helping to tackle the housing crisis.

Full Report 

Exec Summary

The right to adequate housing in Wales: the evidence base

Phase 1 of our research looked at international comparisons. While there has been a mix of approaches in using rights-based legislation for housing – including in South Africa, Canada and sub-regional parts of Spain, results are varied; Finland was shown to be making good progress. Learning lessons from other countries, the research has demonstrated that Wales has the opportunity to lead the way and become a world-leader in its approach to housing as a human right.

Phase 1 report – Executive Summary English

Phase 1 report – Full Report English 

Phase 1 report – Executive Summary Cymraeg

Phase 1 report –Full Report Cymraeg 

The right to adequate housing in Wales: cost-benefit analysis

Phase 2 of our research has looked at how introducing a right to adequate housing would generate significant savings for the public purse. The report considered various policy areas where benefits would be generated, including in health and well-being, the criminal justice system and local authorities. Based on projections in this paper, the benefits could start to outweigh the costs after just six years.

Phase 2 – full report in English

Phase 2 – full report yn Gymraeg

“If not now, then when? If not us, then who?”

Watch former Director of Shelter Cymru John Puzey speaking to Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe about the Back the Bill campaign and why it is crucial that a right to adequate housing be enshrined into Welsh Law


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