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What is the Champions Network?

The Champions Network is our place for promoting equality and reducing discrimination in the Private Rented Sector. It is part of Gwent BOOST, a five-year multi-organisation initiative for tackling homelessness.

We are a group of tenants and landlords who are dedicated to ending inequality and discrimination in private renting. We are starting conversations about the key equality issues in renting and working with landlords and tenants to address them. Through training, events, campaigns, workshops, and online resources, we are taking steps to make the Private Rented Sector fairer and more accessible.

What We Do

We work with Champions, who are tenants and landlords with current or recent experience of the Private Rented Sector. From professional expertise to lived experience, each Champion brings their own unique insight to the project and is directly involved at every stage. Champions meet regularly with the PRS Manager and draw on their individual experience to co-produce resources such as information guides, training materials, blogs, articles and case studies. As a Champion, you will lead on important work to address inequality in renting, showcasing best practice and paving the way for others to do the same.

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We hold online and in-person events across Gwent for supporting those in private renting. These include landlord forums, networking lunches and community drop-ins. These are attended by tenants, landlords, and people who work with privately rented accommodation (such as Local Authority housing teams and support organisations).

Our events are always free to attend and offer the chance to learn, network and access support or guidance on everything relating to EDI in the PRS.

See ‘Upcoming Training and Events’ to book!

Using a variety of methods, we continuously learn about people’s experience of private renting in Gwent so that we can provide the most helpful and relevant information and resources.

We use one-to-one and group interviews, surveys, data analysis and case studies to find out how landlords and tenants are experiencing the PRS and what the most important equality issues are.

This work enables us to elevate important personal stories, highlight best practice and identify areas for improvement.

See our Case Studies, Guides, Newsletters and Blogs below for our latest publications.

Case Studies

All our anonymised case studies describe practices or experiences from the Private Rented Sector in Wales within the past two years.

Neurodiversity Best Practice – Shaun

Tenants who are learning English – Sarah

Downloadable Guides

All guides are available upon request in Welsh and other languages, in large print, and Easy Read formats.

Mental Health – Tenant rights in private renting 

Mental Health – Information for landlords and agents 

Mental Health – Support services in South Wales 




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Yes! Although this project is funded for the Gwent areas (Newport, Caerphilly, Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent and Monmouthshire), those living in other areas of Wales can still benefit from our work and take part. You can become a Champion, get in touch to find out more, or just browse the page to make use of the information and resources.

Yes! If you have any experience or expertise related to the PRS (past or current), or simply an interest in equality in private renting, we would love to hear from you. Just get in touch to ask about being involved!

Champions give on average 1-2 hours per month of their time to the project. So, it’s a small commitment but a big impact! You will give your time by attending meetings and contributing your ideas to co-produce the resources. Of course, if you have more time than this to offer, that’s great!

No, but all expenses are paid. You will also receive a voucher worth £100 after 6 months of being a Champion, as a thank you for giving your time.

We know that most landlords do a great job and just want to provide a decent home for their tenants. We also recognise that some landlords go above and beyond to support tenants who are struggling, and that this can have a significant impact on their own wellbeing.

That’s why we want to make it easier for landlords to get the right support and information when they need it. It’s also why we are celebrating best practice wherever we see it – see our Case Studies section.

Tenants in the Private Rented Sector are offered training and information through a variety of means. For example, Shelter Cymru has training for tenants to know their rights and responsibilities in renting, and Rent Smart Wales has a detailed guide for tenants who are thinking of renting.

However, we know that there is a lack of support and training for tenants and that’s why are developing new resources, such as a guide about taking care of your mental health as a tenant.

See our Downloadable Guides and Upcoming Training and Events sections for the latest resources.

You can get in touch with us confidentially and you do not need to tell your landlord you are taking part. Meetings are one-to-one, and can be held in a place that you feel comfortable – or online or over the phone. We take privacy and confidentiality seriously and will not share anything you don’t want us to. You can decide to stop being part of the project at any point.  

No! We welcome anyone who has experience or expertise in the PRS – current or previous. Your input will be valued whoever you are and we do not want anyone to feel as though they cannot participate. However, we especially welcome applications from those who are part of underrepresented groups, such as people of Black or Minority Ethnicities, those who are LGBTQ+ and those with Disabilities.  

We know that more training and information alone is not going to solve the housing crisis. However, every small step counts, and sometimes having the right information or support can make all the difference.

For landlords, knowing how to support a tenant in trouble can help avoid lengthy and costly court processes. For tenants, knowing your rights and responsibilities can help you maintain your tenancy.

We want people to feel more confident with their responsibilities around EDI and for incidences of discrimination to become less and less frequent.

Landlords should have confidence in letting to a diverse range of tenants, and should know how to support them if something goes wrong.

We want those from diverse backgrounds to feel safe in the Private Rented Sector, and to have the same chances of a suitable and secure home as anyone else.

The Network is run by Tai Pawb, who are a charity promoting equality in housing across Wales. The Project Manager for the Champions Network is Anna Tuhey and you can get in touch with her at anna@taipawb.org.

Anna runs all the activities alongside the tenant and landlord Champions.

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