Tai Pawb has nearly 80 members made up of housing associations, local authorities, third sector organisations, community groups, the private rental sector and individuals from across Wales.

Joining Tai Pawb demonstrates your commitment to equality and diversity within your organisation and offers significant benefits. Join us in our work to enable all people to have equal chances. Help us inspire people and communities to embrace equality and diversity.


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Why join us?

Whether you are an individual who wants to support our work or an organisation, we would love you to become our member.

Do you believe that all people have the right to access good quality housing and homes in cohesive and safe communities? If you want to play a part in reducing prejudice, discrimination, disadvantage and poverty related to housing – become a member of Tai Pawb.

As the only organisation to specialise in Equality and Housing at a Welsh national level, we’ve been leading the way since 2005.

We are very grateful to each and every one of our members who have already joined us. The more members join us, the more we can do. Your membership is important to us.

The benefits of joining

When you become a member of Tai Pawb your voice and support helps us influence and raise awareness of equality and housing issues leading to positive change.

You also get a whole range of fantastic benefits which will support you and your organisation with anything related to equality. We will promote what you do, sharing best practice within the sector.

It’s the need and concerns of our members that have shaped Tai Pawb and the support we offer. We have a unique insight into the needs of housing organisations and equality groups and this helps us connect people and their communities and bring about positive change.


Member Benefits 2024-2025

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Your membership supports our work to influence policy makers to make housing policy fairer and act as thought leaders for the sector and beyond.

Tai Pawb members are at the forefront of our work by helping us develop our services to meet the sector’s needs and giving you the opportunity to pioneer our innovative ideas and solutions, putting ideas into practice.


You also get much more support from Tai Pawb depending on your membership category


Click on each image below to find out the full benefits from each membership package:

Local AuthoritiesRegistered social landlordsIndividual and community groupsCommercial supporters

Fees 2024-2025

Affiliate membership for third and public sector organisations £320. Commercial sponsors between £32 and £530. Local authorities with stock £2400. Local authorities with stock transfer £360. Individual or community supporters £32. Registered social landlords between £410 and £5299 depending on number of homes.

*This reduced rate does not include a free exhibition stand/conference advert

Membership Discounts 2023-2024

The below fees are indicative and may vary occasionally (for example where external suppliers are involved).

However, the membership discounts will remain constant (25% discount on training and consultancy, and 20% discount on events).

*Services have been updated to reflect digital delivery

Services Cost for Members Cost for Non-Members
Consultancy and in house training – 1 day (excluding travel) £899 (25% discount) £1200
Consultancy and in house training – 0.5 day (excluding travel) £499 (25% discount) £665
Open access training – full day per delegate £110 (25% discount) £145
Open access training – half day per delegate £80 (25% discount) £105
Annual Conference £TBC (20% discount) £TBC
QED quality mark (RSLs) RSLs <399 staff
Stage 1 – £5,850
Stage 2 – £2,500
Total – £8,350RSLs >400 staff
Stage 1 – £6,750
Stage 2 – £2,550
Total – £9,300
Not available to non-members
Travel Rates 45p per first 100 miles, 25p per mile thereafter


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