Benefits of the Tai Pawb Members Helpline



Today, staff in your organisation will have done something at work that related to equality and diversity. Many of the things we do every day, particularly in housing, can have a direct or indirect impact on different diverse groups. When you stop and consider this, it can become quite daunting. How do you ensure you get things right for diverse group and know how things may impact on them? You may be unsure about what best practice says or what equality legislation means for the work you do?

Fortunately, help is at hand through our member helpline service which provides free answers to any questions or queries you may have on any area of equality and diversity. It can be used by any of your staff once you are a member of Tai Pawb. For more in-depth requests we may refer you to our consultancy service.

Our staff possess expertise in both equality and housing, meaning we can give you the best possible support with your query.

Examples of the sorts of questions our helpline answers:

Could you give us some guidance on best practice in relation to gender identity, change of names, records and confidentiality?

Where can I find external data sources for an equality impact assessment I am working on?

We are in the process of updating our hate crime policy, have you got any examples?

What can I ask our contractors to do for equality?

How should we phrase the questions relating to sexual orientation in our customer profiling and equality monitoring forms?

What are we expected to do in terms of reasonable adjustments for a Deaf tenant who uses British Sign Language?


What we don’t provide

Please note that any advice given by Tai Pawb is not legal advice. Advice given to our members is to help the enquirer consider how they could approach any decision making or where they can get further information and advice.

We do not make decisions on behalf of our members. Tai Pawb is unable to liaise directly with tenants, residents or service users regarding helpline enquiries.

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