About us

Tai Pawb works to advance equality and social justice in housing in Wales. We are an expert team of dedicated and value driven staff and board members. We are a membership organisation. View our strategy here…

shape the change, make the change, be the change

We imagine a Wales where everyone has the right to a good home.

Too many people in Wales don’t have somewhere to live in  security, peace and dignity.

Too many people face systemic prejudice, discrimination and disadvantage in accessing suitable accommodation.

We are determined to change that.

We shape the change by influencing decision makers at the highest level

We make the change by supporting our members to advance equality on the ground.

We want to be the change by walking the talk in our own organisation.

We are:

Courageous and Persistent

In challenging ourselves and others to do better.

Open-minded and Inclusive

In making sure we listen, respond and engage with diverse people.

Honest and Kind

In ensuring people feel respected in how we deliver our work.