Our strategy 2021-2026

Shape the change, make the change, be the change

Borne out of extensive engagement with people from across the housing and equalities spectrum, the strategy is a true representation of both the challenges and opportunities facing us in 2021-2026. 

The strategy clearly envisions a Wales where everyone has the right to a good home and sets out how we will advance equality, diversity and social justice in housing in Wales.

From the existing and long-standing housing crisis to the deep-seated inequalities uncovered by the pandemic; from issues of race and disability to gender and socio-economics; from supporting cultural change to fostering excellence in diversity: we pledge ourselves anew by continuing our work with members, partners and communities to fundamentally influence decision-making at the highest level and work together to make changes on the ground. Importantly, we want our work underpinned by lived experience – seeking, listening to, valuing and acting on the knowledge and experience of those directly impacted by inequality and injustice.

Alicja Zalesinska, director of Tai Pawb:

“Tai Pawb is proud of its strong track record in championing equality, diversity and inclusion in Wales, often in co-production with others. But we don’t rest on our laurels – and we know there is much more to do. Our strategy sets out clearly what our aims are for the next five years and we’re excited to be working with members and partners to make them a reality”.

Chair of Tai Pawb, Craig Stephenson OBE, added:

“We know that too many people face systemic prejudice, discrimination and disadvantage in accessing suitable and safe housing in Wales – and we have set out a deliberately challenging and values-based agenda to change that over the next five years. 

“Building on our approach to partnership working, our expertise, reputation and strong foundations, we are more determined than ever to create a more inclusive housing sector in Wales”. 

Tai Pawb Strategy 2021-2026 – English 

Strategaeth Tai Pawb 2021-2026 – Cymraeg