Create at least one step-up/secondment opportunity

We all know what it’s like to be applying for a job: you look at the person specification and then comes the nagging doubt of how you can evidence your experience. For some people from underrepresented groups this task can be even more daunting due to lack of confidence, experience or other barriers. We think that offering somebody the chance to temporarily ‘step up’ into a role within your organisation could help both you and them.


Could you create such an opportunity for someone who is underrepresented in your workforce or area of activity?


  • A colleague/tenant/customer/service user
  •  Younger or Older
  • Female or Male
  • Disabled
  • Black or from Minority Ethnic Background
  • Gay or Lesbian
  •  Trans*
  • From a particular religious background
  • Ex-offender
  • Underprivileged socio-economic background
  • Any other group which you think deserves to be represented or supported but isn’t


What do we mean by step-up/secondment opportunity?

Creating secondments is a well-known route to facilitating staff development or attracting new talent. A step-up opportunity could be anything less formal than a secondment, which would enable a person to work on something which is on a higher level than their usual duties. It could be a task, a project or a longer term commitment.


More information

If you would like to create a secondment or step-up opportunity within your organisation, the best way to start is to talk to your Human Resources department or colleagues responsible for staff development.



What happens next?

How to pledge

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  • What happens next?
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  • We will share and promote the best examples with the housing sector and wider stakeholders
  • We will keep you up to date with the progress of the campaign


Need help?

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