Becoming Anti Racist: from awareness to action

A session for Board members, Senior Leaders & Governance staff

We’re very excited to launch our new anti-racism training which we have developed with our associates, Marilyn Bryan-Jones and Helen Armstrong.

This course builds on the awareness raised throughout the Black Lives Matter movement, ties in with our Deeds Not Words pledge to action  and supports organisations to achieve the requirements of Anti Racist Wales Action Plan (ARWAP).

About the Training

Board members and senior leaders have a role to play in dismantling systemic barriers and establishing the tone of the organisation, so they must embed anti-racism into their strategic priorities to effectively drive change.   Anti-racism objectives will be unique to each organisation depending on its customers, geographical location, colleagues, suppliers and other stakeholders.   

This session will leave Board members and senior leaders better equipped to understand and identify ways to address racism and its impact in your organisation and feel more confident to have difficult conversations.

Group discussions and interactive activities will give participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of issues relating to race and racism.

Objectives – The Learners will be able to:

🏠 Recognise the importance of Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan (ARWAP)

🏠 Understand the historical perspective

🏠 Identify what is meant by the term’s “racism” and “anti-racism”

🏠 Define anti-racism in the housing sector

🏠 Explore good governance and positive action for anti-racism

About the Facilitators 


Marilyn Bryan-Jones has a background in housing at both operational and strategic level and has undertaken many roles in the voluntary and private sector and she is an independent panel member on the Anti Racist Wales Action Plan panel.   Equality and diversity has always been Marilyn’s main priority in the workplace. She is passionate about training and believes it is a vehicle in which to effect change in both individuals and organisations.



Helen Armstrong is a successful, creative senior executive with over 20 years in the housing sector with direct experience of leading programme implementation and culture change. She graduated from Cardiff Business School in 2011 with an MBA having focussed her dissertation on organisational culture and programme delivery. Helen works collaboratively and in partnership to set objectives and achieve organisational goals. As a change maker, Helen, challenges the status quo and has the energy and enthusiasm to push forward and persuade colleagues to get on board. Driven by values of integrity, openness and transparency, she works best in an environment where she can make a difference to people’s lives.


Target audience

Board members, senior leaders and governance staff who want to increase their understanding of race and racism, take positive action and affect change in their organisation. This course assumes some prior awareness of racial inequalities (if not then see our EDI for Board course (linked)


  • Half day introductory course
  • Full day in-depth course
  • Or a bespoke approach if required

How delivered?

  • In person at a venue of choice
  • Virtually via Zoom Pro

If you would like to book our this training or want further information please contact or call 029 2105 7957