Terms and Conditions

1.  Key Terms and Conditions

1.1  For a list of membership benefits relevant to each category of member, please see the relevant membership pack.

1.2  The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March (membership year).

1.3  Any membership benefit which is unused in a particular membership year cannot be carried forward to the following or any other membership year.

1.4  Any training or consultancy provided outside the membership benefits listed in the membership packs is charged at a rate of £899 for each full day and £499 for each half day session plus travel (Member rate). Terms 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 will apply to any chargeable services provided to Members. Additional charges may apply if training or consultancy is provided by a Tai Pawb Associate. As these costs can vary, they will be estimated before the Training and Consultancy Services Agreement is signed.

1.5  Travel will be charged at 45p per mile for the first 100 miles and 15p per mile thereafter. An estimated quote for this cost will be provided in advance. No membership discounts will apply to travel expenses.

1.6  For the purposes of these terms and conditions, “full day” equates to between 4 and 7 hours and “half day” equates to 3.5 hours or less.

1.7  Where Tai Pawb services are provided by one of our Associates, the organisation contracting the service agrees not to directly commission the Associate for any further work without going through Tai Pawb, during the time the Associate is contracted by Tai Pawb and for at least 6 months following any termination of contract between Tai Pawb and the Associate.  Organisations may contact Tai Pawb to request an exemption from this rule if they feel it is appropriate, for example if the service being contracted is not a service which Tai Pawb could otherwise provide.


2.  Training

2.1  Bespoke training is available on request and can be tailored to suit the needs of the Member or non-Member. Where bespoke training is provided, an additional half day for the preparation of that training may be charged at the Member rate for Members and at the non-Member rate for non-Members.

2.2  Training should be booked at least 6 weeks in advance of the training date.  If the training date falls during the month of March, bookings should be made at least 8 weeks in advance. If insufficient notice is given for a booking in March, the training may have to be delivered in the following membership year at the following years training cost.

2.3  The details of any training to be provided will be set out in the services agreement and sent to the Member or non-Member for approval. The training will not be provided until the services agreement has been authorised.

2.4  Tai Pawb will make reasonable efforts to provide training materials in an accessible format provided they are given sufficient advance notice of specific accessibility requirements. Members should ensure that any venue booked by them for training is fully accessible and that they have taken the accessibility needs of delegates into account.

2.5 The organisation contracting Tai Pawb’s services agrees to provide a suitable training room and facilities, including laptop, projector, screen, audio system, internet access, flipchart and beverages.  You should inform Tai Pawb immediately if any of this cannot be provided.  Lunch is not provided by Tai Pawb for any training course.  In the case of full day training courses, the organisation contracting the training should inform Tai Pawb whether they will provide lunch for all delegates including the trainer, taking account of any dietary requirements, or whether the trainer and delegates will need to bring their own lunch.


3.  Consultancy

3.1  The details of any consultancy to be provided will be set out in the services agreement and sent to the Member for approval. The consultancy will not be provided until the services agreement has been authorised.


4.  Cancellations

4.1  Training cancellations: If training due to be provided is cancelled, the following consequences will apply:

(a)  if cancellation is notified to Tai Pawb within 5 working days of the date of the training, the training fees will be charged in full;

(b)  if cancellation is notified to Tai Pawb within 15 working days of the date of the training, 50% of the training fees will be charged;

(c)  for the avoidance of doubt, if cancellation is notified to Tai Pawb more than 15 working days before the date of the training, no training fee will be charged.

4.2  Consultancy cancellations: If any consultancy work due to be provided is cancelled, the following consequences will apply:

(a)  if cancellation is notified to Tai Pawb before any consultancy work is carried out, no consultancy fees will be payable;

(b)  if cancellation is notified to Tai Pawb once the consultancy work has been commenced, fees equal to the time spent will be payable;

4.3  Expenses on cancellation: All travel and accommodation expenses incurred by Tai Pawb in connection with any training or cancellation will be charged in full irrespective of the period of the cancellation notice given.

4.4 For the avoidance of doubt, if a training date is rearranged, the training cancellation terms and conditions will apply unless there are exceptional circumstances.


5. General

5.1  All copyright and other intellectual property in all training and consultancy material including preparatory materials shall be and remains vested in Tai Pawb, unless expressly stated otherwise.  Members and non-members shall not share Tai Pawb materials outside their own organisation or with anyone contracted by the organisation who is not a direct employee, unless with express permission of Tai Pawb.

5.2  Limitation of Liability

5.2.1  Tai Pawb does not accept any responsibility for any accident, injury or loss suffered by any person whilst attending a training session.

5.2.2  Delegates are responsible for taking care of their own property at all times during a training session.

5.2.3  Tai Pawb accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred as a consequence of using any material or information provided at a training session or as part of any consultancy or project work.

5.3  In relation to training and some consultancy work, Tai Pawb will send an invoice after the completion date. For consultancy projects, on occasion, 50% of the fee may be charged on receipt of this agreement and 50% on completion, depending on the nature of the consultancy and value of the agreement.

5.4  Invoices must be paid within 30 calendar days of receipt.