Human Rights Day Statement from #BackTheBill Partners

This World Human Rights Day marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, underpinning progress and international law.

More than seven decades on, Back the Bill partners Tai Pawb, CIH Cymru and Shelter Cymru are putting human rights front and centre of the mission to help tackle the housing crisis in Wales. Introducing a right to adequate housing in Welsh law can help boost investment, increase supply and address head-on some of the biggest challenges of the day, including affordability, suitability, security of tenure and homelessness.

It doesn’t just make moral sense, it makes financial sense too, as one of the biggest invest-to-save models in a generation. For every £1 spent there would be £2.30 in benefits across services including health, mental health and wellbeing and criminal justice, to name a few.

We believe nothing short of radical reform can help end the housing crisis – reform that is rooted in human rights.

Wales can lead the way internationally in ensuring that, over time, everyone has access to a home that they can afford; one that is safe, secure and suits their needs.


Tai Pawb, CIH Cymru, Shelter Cymru