Launch of the Roadmap – The Right to Adequate Housing in Wales #BacktheBill

We’re kickstarting the next phase of our campaign for the right to a good home in Wales. So, today, alongside partners CIH Cymru and Shelter Cymru, we launch our Road Map!

Our Road Map to the right to adequate housing will show the difference it could make in Wales. Rather than presenting this as having all the answers, we want this to help stimulate and inform conversations in the lead up to and during the White Paper consultation.  

To help share what’s happening elsewhere in the world with the right to adequate housing, we’ve also got a guest blog from Dr Jayne Malenfant who talks about the Canadian approach and how it is being used to support communities who have traditionally suffered from poor access to good homes.  

We also recognise the right to adequate housing can sometimes appear conceptual rather than practical, so to help break this down we’ve sat down to have a chat with one of our supporters, discussing her experiences of accessible housing in Wales and the difference this could make. 

Over the coming months, we’d love to hear from you around any feedback on our Road Map or any of the above so please get in touch.

You can also sigh up to our Back the Bill pledge or encourage colleagues to do so here.  



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