Coming soon – a brand new Equality and Diversity Mark from Tai Pawb

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“What does good look like?”

That’s what we hear from our members when they identify the need to do more in the area of Equality and Diversity. Tai Pawb believes strongly that housing providers in Wales are leading the way in their commitment to equality and diversity but it is not an easy area to tackle, especially without a consistent way of testing commitments against reality and of measuring progress. There is certainly a desire amongst our members to improve their services, remove barriers and meet the needs of diverse customers.

The good news is that we have heard what is being said and are developing a brand new Tai Pawb Equality and Diversity Mark (it should be said that the name is a working title).

Whilst we are still adding the final touches to what the mark will look like, we can already say that it will be at the cutting edge of latest thinking in the area of equality and diversity and offer a real opportunity to demonstrate progress and transform organisational thinking, services and cultures.

The mark will provide a set of outcomes and standards against which organisations can be assessed to see how they are performing in the areas of Equality and Diversity. It will:

* Set the bar
* Improve the experiences of diverse tenants, customers and staff
* Provide a  framework for organisations to encompass their equality and diversity work
* Offer an opportunity to galvanise staff energy and focus around equality and diversity

In order for the mark to be transformative and bring about real positive change within organisations it was vital for us that the mark is not a tick box exercise or a compliance focused snapshot. That is why the assessment we are planning to use is challenging but not burdensome and Tai Pawb will be there to assist you at every stage. (You can find out more about the process we intend to use below).

We have been working closely with Melin Homes to sense check the framework we will be using and consulted with the wider sector. There is already a great deal of positivity and interest about the mark. We have also been working closely with the Welsh Government Housing Regulation Team to ensure that the mark would meet their regulatory requirements related to equality and diversity and could be used as evidence for assessment.

Frequently asked questions

What will the process look like?
Phase 1 of the process of undertaking the mark will involve surveys, desktop reviews, focus groups and interviews with both staff and tenants focused on our outcomes and standards framework. This will enable us to identify any gaps and areas of great practice. Following this phase, we will assist you with developing an action plan to address any gaps. Organisations will be given a period of time to make progress in any areas where gaps may be identified and Phase 2 will consist of progress review (where the mark will hopefully be awarded).

How much will it cost?
The mark will cost in the region of £5,000. The cost will be split with ca 70% paid at Phase 1 and 30% at Phase 2. In practice, the costs may be split between two financial years.

What are the benefits of the Equality and Diversity Mark?
By achieving the mark your organisation will have ensured that its services are fair and equitable and equality and diversity are mainstreamed through every level of the business; from frontline staff to the board. You will also have a clear plan of what your organisation needs to do to continuously improve its services and culture in relation to equality and diversity.
Additional benefit of achieving the mark is that it will be consistent with regulatory requirements in terms of equality and diversity and can be used as evidence for regulatory assessment, with the regulator willing to recognise the mark in this way.

How long will the mark be valid?
At present it is likely that the mark will be valid for two to three years.

Will there be levels or just one standard?
There will only be one level although we may develop more levels in the future.

What areas will the outcomes cover?
The outcomes are:
1. A clear strategic approach is taken to achieving equality in everything that the organisation does
2. Services delivered are fair, don’t discriminate and meet people’s needs, continually responding to changes and challenges as they develop.
3. All people are aware, access and have positive experiences of services delivered
4. As a result of engagement, the organisation is fairer and more responsive in how it works and what it does.
5. It is inclusive workplace with an organisational culture which values, promotes and embraces equality and diversity


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