Launching the Good Practice Briefing Report on Refugee Accommodation: A Step Towards Inclusive Communities

Sadly, in 2023, hostility towards refugees and asylum seekers has increased amid a significant policy and media focus on unauthorised small boat crossings in the English Channel.A Cartoon image of a human figure crouched in a house with a heart shape nearby However, a recent report from the Refugee Council* reveals that in 2022, more than 25,000 individuals, including men, women, and children, who crossed the channel, would be acknowledged as refugees if their asylum applications were processed by the UK Government. The UK Government’s proposed legislation, aiming to prevent asylum claims from anyone who crossed the channel, may place over 45,000 individuals at risk of destitution and homelessness annually. Such individuals would be stranded in limbo and potentially subjected to prolonged detention periods, with an estimated cost to the taxpayer of up to £980m per year.

So, at a time when so many refugees and asylum seekers are struggling to find safe and welcoming places to call home, its heartening to see Wales stepping up to address the challenges they face. We understand that the experience of being displaced from one’s home and seeking refuge in a foreign land is difficult and traumatic, and that the lack of adequate and suitable accommodation only compounds these difficulties.

And this is why we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest publication –

Good Practice Briefing Report on Refugee and Asylum Seeker Accommodation

This report is the result of extensive research, consultations, and collaborations with experts in the field of refugee accommodation, including housing providers, local authorities, charities, and refugees themselves.

Our report offers valuable insights and recommendations on how to create and maintain inclusive and welcoming communities for refugees. Silhouette of diverse people walking across floor that looks like a globeWe’ve included examples of best practices and success stories, touching on a wide range of topics related to refugee accommodation, from the design and construction of accommodation facilities to the allocation and management of accommodation, integration and community engagement, support services and referrals, and rights and entitlements. Through our work with partners in Housing Justice Cymru, Welsh Refugee Council, Oasis Refugee Centre and Homes4U and funding from Comic Relief we have been able to find interesting and diverse examples.


A big thank you to all the organisations who contributed to the report. Although the report doesn’t cover the entire provision across Wales, instead it focuses on some important work that, along with other work not included, makes up a much bigger picture.

We believe that by sharing best practices and working together, we can create more inclusive and welcoming communities for all, regardless of background or circumstances. We invite you to download the Good Practice Briefing Report on Refugee Accommodation and join us in our mission to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in housing and communities.

Together, we can make a difference and build a better future for everyone.


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Rob Milligan,
Funding and Partnerships Manager
Tai Pawb


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