Commentary, in-depth features and case studies on the hottest topics in equality, diversity and housing from Tai Pawb experts, our members and guests.  See what’s important to us and join the debate.

10th July 2024
A new political direction for the UK – What happens next for Wales?
After nearly a week since the General Election, the dust has settled on a Labour majority at Westminster. A campaign focused on ‘change’ – but when so much of policy,...
14th June 2022
Inclusive Language Creates Inclusive Workplaces
Inclusive Language Creates Inclusive Workplaces Language is one of the most powerful tools we possess. It’s integral to our everyday life and is essential if everyone is to feel welcome,...
29th November 2017
Tom Murtha: Race and Housing – What have we learned?
What am I most proud of in my career? It is not bringing together and becoming chief executive of one of the leading housing and care groups in the sector....
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