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#LeaderLikeMe – Shadowing at United Welsh
Janice Bell pledged to create a shadowing opportunity within United Welsh as part of our #LeaderLikeMe campaign. Paige Moss tells us about how this extended to multiple teams, and how...
#LeaderLikeMe – Jonathan Conway
Following on from his previous blog on his decision to sign up, Jonathan Conway tells us about his experiences creating opportunities for others, and why this has been important to...
TPAS Cymru’s progress with #LeaderLikeMe
Phoenix Averies form TPAS Cymru has recorded a Vlog update on how TPAS Cymru is doing so far with the pledges they made for the Tai Pawb #leaderlikeme campaign.
Why I joined #LeaderLikeMe
Jonathan Conway (Newport City Home) shares his thoughts and reasons for joining #LeaderLikeMe