Why I joined #LeaderLikeMe


I was sat in a meeting talking about the campaign, amongst other things and all of a sudden a question comes out of the blue…

“So Jon, when are you going to make your pledge?” What do I say? I’m not a manager. What can I do? Wouldn’t it be a bit presumptuous? “I’ll have a think and get back to you” was my non-committal reply.

So I did think about it. I thought about all the reasons I wasn’t a leader. Then I thought, why would they ask me? There must have been a reason…

Of course there was! Being a leader is not just about holding a position or managing staff. A job role doesn’t make you a leader, an attitude does and clearly, my friends and colleagues could see that attitude in me. I started to think about it in a different way. Thinking of the projects I have run, with teams of colleagues from across our business looking to me for guidance. I thought about the residents I have mentored, the staff I have mentored the boys I coach in rugby and I thought… I am a leader. I have got something to give.

I made my pledges the following day and I am really glad that I did. I am already working on giving someone a shadowing opportunity, and should be able to help a trainee to get much wider experience than she currently has. I can make a difference, and I can help increase diversity and therefore it is my obligation to give others access to the opportunities that I have had to develop.

That’s why I pledged and why I believe the #Leaderlikeme campaign is important.If you haven’t come on board yet, please do. We all have something to give. You just need to have a think… and come up with something.

I hope I will make a difference. I hope you will too.

Jonathan Conway – Resident Engagement Officer, Newport City Homes