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18th May 2023
Understanding the experiences of homelessness
Let’s be honest, who doesn’t support the Welsh Governments goal of seeking to make homelessness rare, brief and unrepeated? It has universal backing.  There may be healthy debate over how...
11th May 2023
The Champions Network: An update from the Private Rented Sector
Since December, we have been busy getting to know the people of Gwent, speaking to tenants, landlords and those who work with them about their experiences and opinions of the...
26th April 2023
Guest Blog – Clare James, Climate Cymru – Great Big Green Week
  Great Big Green Week is the UK's largest event dedicated to climate action, taking place from 10th to 18th June 2023. Led by Climate Cymru it’s a week-long celebration...
20th March 2023
Launching the Good Practice Briefing Report on Refugee Accommodation: A Step Towards Inclusive Communities
Sadly, in 2023, hostility towards refugees and asylum seekers has increased amid a significant policy and media focus on unauthorised small boat crossings in the English Channel. However, a recent...
7th March 2023
Research – listening to those with lived experience.
As someone who is working on developing accommodation options for refugees, I've been spending a lot of time recently trying to understand the experiences of those who have gone through the asylum process. Although it can be overwhelming to hear these stories, I've learned a lot from them. I now understand that my role isn't to immediately fix everything, but rather to work towards long-term solutions that meet people's actual needs. At Tai Pawb, we're developing new principles for engaging meaningfully, such as questioning whether the circumstances are right, refining our approach, and recognising and promoting what we have encountered...