FLOORED – The provision of appropriate flooring in social housing in Wales


Many social housing providers don’t provide new flooring for new tenants, due to the financial cost of new flooring many tenants end up living without appropriate flooring for a long time having detrimental impacts on their health and wellbeing. This project in partnership with TPAS Cymru seeks to address this.

The FLOORED project started by surveying Housing Associations and Local Authorities on their policies and practices regarding flooring and a survey of tenants about their experiences of flooring. The majority of tenants who responded to the survey did not have carpets or suitable flooring throughout their home. In the overwhelming majority of cases this was due to the cost of purchasing suitable flooring linked to low income/lack of available funds. Although over a third of tenants said there had been flooring in the property when they viewed their prospective home, in most cases this had been removed prior to occupation, despite requesting, in many cases, that it be left.

Using this information a set of recommendations were developed which included;

  • Social housing providers to provide grants to tenants to buy their flooring
  • Provide the option for tenants to keep existing flooring
  • Review Welsh Housing Quality Standards (WHQS) to include the provision of appropriate flooring

You can read the full report and executive summary including survey results and full recommendations here:

FLOORED Executive Summary English

FLOORED Executive Summary Welsh

FLOORED Report English 

FLOORED Report Welsh