This project has now concluded.

Become a #LeaderLikeMe

What does your leadership look like? How diverse is it? Could you lead differently?  We invite you to join us and become a #LeaderLikeMe!

The Welsh housing workforce is diverse, however this is not reflected in leadership positions. The boards of Welsh housing associations, Local Authority councillors and executive leadership positions lack people who are young, female, from a Black and Minority Ethnic Background or disabled. Housing leadership lacks visible LGBT role models.

Lack of diversity is not good for the sector. People who make decisions are not representative of the communities they serve. Homogeneous leaders can also stifle challenge and innovation. Time to change this.

We want to challenge you in a positive way and share your stories with the whole sector and beyond. We want to show you a few practical ways in which you, as individuals, can lead on equality and diversity in your organisation and increase diversity in leadership by supporting others.

You do not need to be a manager or senior leader to support this campaign. Leaders can be found at all different levels of an organisation and can also be volunteers or tenants.


Check out who has pledged to be a #LeaderLikeMe so far.

Read our guest blog from Jonathan Conway of Newport City Homes and see the Vlog from Phoenix Averies of TPAS Cymru.

By supporting this campaign you can:

Lead on equality and diversity in your organisation

Support people from underrepresented groups to gain skills which help them progress and lead as staff or tenants

Get involved!

Showing your support is easy. Simply print one of the below pledges and share it on Twitter under #LeaderLikeMe.

  • Become a mentor
  • Create at least one shadowing opportunity
  • Create at least one step-up/secondment opportunity
  • Enable a tenant to lead on at least one project
  • Provide/enable training for at least one person to learn a new skill
  • Enable and support at least one tenant/staff member/colleague to speak at an event
  • Train all interviewers on Unconscious Bias/Equality and Diversity


Colleagues, staff or tenants whom you support need to be from a group underrepresented in your work/area of activity. This might be somebody who is disabled, Black or from a Minority Ethnic Group, LGB, Trans*, from a minority religious group, younger, older, male or female, from underprivileged socio-economic background, ex-offender or any other group which you think deserves to be represented or supported but isn’t.

Need help?

See the links below for more ideas and information about each pledge with examples on how to go about completing your pledged action. If you need more support, please contact us on  or call 029 2053 7630.

Not on Twitter?

Email us your pledge photo or your commitment and we will tweet it for you


What happens next?

  • Complete your pledged action by June 2017
  • We will contact you throughout the year to see how you are getting on and to collect examples of good practice
  • We will share and promote the best examples with the housing sector and wider stakeholders
  • We will keep you up to date with the progress of the campaign