Response to the Inside Housing Discrimination Survey

Written by Alicja Zalesinska

The findings of Inside Housing’s discrimination survey are not surprising but still make for a very painful reading.

Whilst we don’t know how many people from Wales took part in the survey, it would be wrong to assume that the issues and experiences described in the report only happen elsewhere. They happen everywhere, and we all have a personal and organisational duty to tackle them.

It is easy to believe that our sector, with its strong values, commitment to equality and diversity and its love of celebration, is free from the sort of harassment, discrimination and abuse reported by Inside Housing.

The distressing examples of overtly abusive behaviour and microaggressions clearly demonstrate that this is still a reality for far too many people.

It also gives voice to people who very often decide not to pursue a complaint or challenge for fear of repercussions or being labelled as troublemakers. Our duty is to show that we hear those voices, we believe them and we will do something about it.

Tai Pawb has been supporting the sector in tackling prejudice and discrimination since 2004 and we are committed to continuing this work. For example, as part of our QED Award process, we conduct an all staff survey which, amongst others, asks questions similar to the ones asked by Inside Housing. Where issues are identified, we work together with the organisation to help them address those.

I hope that this report will help our members better understand the experiences and impact that harassment and discrimination can have on people and serve as a wake-up call for those that thought discrimination and prejudice are things of the past.

Alicja Zalesinska

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