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13th August 2019
Hydrocarbons to Housing
What’s a Biochemistry Undergrad Doing in Tai Pawb This Summer? Hello, my name is Tracey. In my term-time life, I’m a Biochemistry undergrad at the University of Liverpool. So why...
9th August 2019
Girls seeing girls choose: Why I wrote ‘What’s a girl to do?’
Alison Powell, author of “What’s a girl to do?” and former local authority Housing Team Leader, shares with Tai Pawb her motivation for writing a children’s book to encourage girls...
12th July 2019
Protected: Making menopause matter in the workplace
Tai Pawb's Andrea Penny has been leading on its work around menopause in the workplace, building on the interest demonstrated following a presentation to our Welsh Housing Equality Network (WHEN)...
15th April 2019
Welsh Housing Sector Gender Pay Gap 2018-2019
This is the second year that organisations employing 250 staff or more have been required to report on their Gender Pay Gaps. Tai Pawb have analysed figures from 18 housing...
15th March 2019
Brexit Briefing
Our recent Brexit Briefing was designed to discuss preparations that housing providers and related services were making in relation to Brexit. Our key speaker was Bethan Bateman, Head of Migration...