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2nd February 2018
ICYMI: Race Inequality Seminar
We gathered an experienced and diverse group of speakers for our first event of 2018 to talk about race inequality in housing. This event should have been the final one...
29th November 2017
Tom Murtha: Race and Housing – What have we learned?
What am I most proud of in my career? It is not bringing together and becoming chief executive of one of the leading housing and care groups in the sector....
28th November 2017
WHEN Update November 2017
Gender Equality was the topic at the most recent Welsh Housing Equality Network (WHEN), and as expected, it stimulated plenty of discussion. WHEN Chair Amanda Attfield began the meeting by...
25th October 2017
#LeaderLikeMe – Shadowing at United Welsh
Janice Bell pledged to create a shadowing opportunity within United Welsh as part of our #LeaderLikeMe campaign. Paige Moss tells us about how this extended to multiple teams, and how...
23rd October 2017
#LeaderLikeMe – Jonathan Conway
Following on from his previous blog on his decision to sign up, Jonathan Conway tells us about his experiences creating opportunities for others, and why this has been important to...