Action Plans

Action plans are the best way to consider and plan how anti-racism will be embedded in your organisation. By implementing and publishing such plans, housing organisations can build trust, engage with communities, and establish accountability in their efforts to eliminate racial disparities and create a fair and equitable housing environment.

How does this link to Anti-racist Wales Action Plan?

ARWAP asks all housing organisations to:

  • Demonstrate how they will ensure anti-racism and race equality are to be embedded within their organisations both as employers and service providers by developing anti-racism delivery plans

What you can do 

  • Develop a delivery plan outlining your organisations commitment to anti Racism.
  • Include clear and achievable timelines and actions
  • Publish and publicise your action plan on your organisations website
  • Your plan can be standalone or embedded in an EDI plan.

You can review your Deeds not Words action plan against ARWAP (Anti-racist Wales action plan) requirements

We’ve received several enquiries from members who have developed action plans under Deeds not Words asking if Anti-racist Wales Action Plan had additional commitments (so they can address any gaps). We have created this table which will let your organisation review your Deeds not Words action plan against ARWAP requirements.

Comparison table here