Actions and progress

We have committed to monitoring the progress and impact of Deeds not Words initiative. You will find relevant reports on this page. 

When we launched Deeds not Words in 2020, Tai Pawb and participating organisations, committed to:

  • measuring progress of Deeds not Words by responding to surveys administered by Tai Pawb
  • self-reporting progress

The first step to measuring what has changed was obtaining robust evidence of where we were at the start of the initiative – a baseline. The baseline report as well as future progress reports will be published on this page.

Below we will also include examples of action plans and progress reports published by organisations.

Tai Pawb baseline and organisational progress reports

This baseline report is based on two surveys carried out between November 2020 and February 2021:

  • Employee survey – which gathered the views and experiences of race equality, inclusion and diversity from over 800 employees in Deeds not Words organisations
  • Organisational survey – which asked for data and information specific to the pledge areas

This report reflects the strong commitment from Deeds not Words organisations to an open and honest reflection on where we are on race equality in housing at the beginning of our journey – a baseline from which we can start to measure the challenge, the effectiveness of our actions and the progress made in the
next 5 years. The evidence presented in this report marks the beginning of a constructive 5-year journey.

The report presents evidence of extensive work, commitment, positive efforts and leadership shown in organisations, but this needs to be replicated across all organisations. It also paints a challenging but honest picture of where we are now. The evidence clearly shows that no sector or organisation is immune to racism and that for many of our black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues the painful experience of racism,  exclusion and lack of diversity is all too common.

Organisations and their leaders need to recognise, challenge and work together with colleagues to ensure that, in the future, these experiences are a thing of the past. The commitments, good practice and positive efforts demonstrated in this report provide a good starting point from which we can look to improve.

In many ways, real change will be shaped by how effectively we learn from the data and experiences kindly shared by our colleagues in this report and across organisations.

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