Our New Work Placement: Jill

Written by Tai Pawb

My name is Jillian Wadley, I have joined Tai Pawb as a work placement as part of my degree in Housing Policy and Practice at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

I was excited to start work with Tai Pawb as i’m passionate about working in equalities, and my project will make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Jill sitting at her deskI will be working with the staff who have been asked to research and create a policy that could be used nationally for an Accessible Housing Service, where people with varying disabilities and social housing are matched with the appropriate type of home for their needs.

I will be doing a survey of what prospective tenants need and what has been found for them. I will also be speaking with tenants at a focus group, where I will gather the views of tenants who have recently moved into an accessible home, together with people who are currently waiting for an accessible home and people who have recently had their details added to the accessible housing service.

Once I have completed the research I will be writing a report of the findings and the outcomes from a tenant’s view-point.

If you’d like to talk to me about Accessible Housing, please email me jillian@taipawb.org.