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31st March 2022
Ovarian Cancer and Brain Tumour Awareness Month: Cancer, disability and the challenges of returning to work
March marks both Ovarian cancer and Brain tumour awareness month and unfortunately, I can say that I have experienced both. Receiving a cancer diagnosis as a younger person in work...
25th November 2021
Climate Optimism and the Building Blocks for Equality
Given the build-up surrounding COP26 and the outcome being regarded by many as underwhelming – not least the criticism over the lack of representation - it can be very easy to feel despondent when thinking about the mammoth task ahead...
1st October 2021
Back the Bill campaign launches major research into right to housing in Wales
Three leading housing organisations in Wales have launched a major research project into the social and economic impact of introducing the right to adequate housing in Wales.
21st September 2021
Introducing the Deeds not Words Panel
Meet the Deeds not Words panel - a group of ethnic minority housing people helping us end racial inequality in housing
13th September 2021
Pronouns in the workplace: Do they make a difference?
I was recently asked by Newydd Housing Group whether Tai Pawb could deliver an inhouse session on using pronouns in the workplace and of course I said we absolutely could....