Tai Pawb Membership – 6 months review

Where has the last 6 months gone?!!


As we reflect on the past 6 months of this financial year, it’s clear at this point that the new membership package is proving very popular with our members! We have seen a huge increase in engagement compared to the same period last year.


Membership Offer

Members still have the same access to benefits, resources, and discounts applied, but from 1st April 2023 the following 17 core events and networks were free to access for all staff working for a member organisation:


Table outlining the frequency of events. All things Equal and EDI network both take place every 3 months. Policy and Practice and Let's Talk About sessions happen every 4 months. The menopause network is bi-annual and there is an annual equality impact assessment workshop.







We still have more events to come in the second half of the year, so if you haven’t booked your free space yet, check out our events page for more information.


Membership Activity

The following table shows key membership activity over the last six months of the new membership offer.  The data is compared to activity data from the same time last year, which demonstrates the positive impact of the new membership package and benefits.


Table of member benefit information. The table shows that we have two more members than in the previous year (at 77). We have advertised 198 member jobs, which is a decrease on last year but only due to one member advertising a significant number of jobs. There have been 9 more calls to the member helpline at 91. 1251 people are subscribed to our mailing list, which is +233 on last year. We have run 7 more events this year, with 325 more attendees and a 73% attendance rate. We are seeing +29% more activity with members. Members have used 4 credits this year.


*In 2022-23 we received a high volume of job advert requests by one organisation, this agreement has been mutually modified to reduce the volume, due to our limited internal resources. 


Tai Pawb are different to other membership organisations - they are so supportive that you can deliver beyond your expectations. Jason, Newydd Housing Association

We have also found that we are engaging with a wider range of members that historically haven’t engaged with us as much. 

As part of the renewal process we try and arrange membership catch up meetings, to discuss member benefits and to see in what ways we could be supporting members through training, consultancy and helpline queries.  If you haven’t met with us, get in touch at info@taipawb.org and we will book a meeting in.



Feedback, Feedback, Feedback


I thought the training was very good and Sondra was very professional and knowledgeable. I feel there is no improvement needed. Training attendee.

In order for us to continue to grow and improve, with both the membership offer and the training and services we deliver, we continue to ask our members for feedback.  Every month the Pulse survey is sent asking what we could be doing differently and how we can shape our services to meet your needs.  We are steadily seeing an increase to responses with this, which is fantastic.  We had previously asked what subject members would like us to cover more, and Neurodiversity came out on top of the list.  Based on this feedback, we were able to deliver a hugely successful event on 7th November.  You asked- we delivered, but we are only able to do this with your input.


We also ask for feedback after all training sessions and events we hold.  Based on the feedback we have received in the first 6 months, 89% of delegates said that they would recommend the training to a colleague, and 82% of delegates had high or very high confidence in implementing their learning.


When asked in a recent pulse survey “Is there anything we could differently to make membership better?”, one recipient said “To be honest in think you’re spot on. Great free events and support which makes membership worthwhile. I guess as a sector with your support we need to engage colleagues in our sector who are less involved in EDI”.


Going forward and based on feedback we had in September’s Pulse survey, we will look into the possibility of delivering Cultural Awareness/Engaging with Diverse Communities training.


We continue to adapt and grow with the needs of our members but also in line with social factors and policy updates. An example of this is our recently developed program of Anti-Racism training for both senior leaders and staff, in line with Welsh Government’s Anti Racist Wales Action Plan. More information about the sessions can be found on our website.


We have had a fantastic first 6 months thanks to our wonderful members, so a huge thank you to you!!!


Please don’t forget that we are always here and happy to help, and you can contact us at info@taipawb.org and on 02921 057 957.


Diolch yn fawr iawn,