Tai Pawb offers a consultancy and support service to assist organisations with the equality challenges and opportunities that they face. All consultancy projects and support are bespoke and tailored to the organisation we are assisting.

Be honest with yourself, it’s easy to say that you are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion but is this really being translated into service delivery, organisational culture and your work environment in practice?

We can help you if you answer 'yes' to any of these questions

Do you want to change the culture and approach of your organisation to equality, diversity and inclusion?

Do you want to ensure that you have done all you can when facing a complaint?

Have you received a complaint, negative regulatory opinion or Ombudsman report that relates to equality and need assistance to respond to recommendations?

Are you lost, hesitant in terms of where to start and unsure how to prioritise areas of work in terms of equality?

Have you made a good start; used Equality Impact Assessments for a while, started customer profiling, got an equality group but it all seems to have stalled or isn’t working how you want it to? Do you need some assistance to review and develop a new approach?


Does equality monitoring leave you daunted and confused?

Are you aware that you are failing to reach or meet the needs of a specific protected group and want to change this?

As leaders in the equality and housing field in Wales Tai Pawb can help you overcome these issues through our support and consultancy service. The highest quality of service, delivered for the right reasons.


Absolutely up to date in current policy and practice. 

We have expertise and technical skills in the field of equality with many years of experience in how the tools required can best be applied in a housing context. We have in depth knowledge of housing and equality issues for different protected groups, best practice and equality legislation. We are always mindful of the complexity of service delivery and the need for organisations to think cross departmentally to make equality a reality. This means our support promotes both practical as well as technical solutions.


Our approach is unlike many other consultants. 

As a charity, we provide our support because we promote equality and diversity – it’s what we do. Our organisation’s mission to promote equality and social justice in housing in Wales is always at the forefront of our minds and shapes the approach and work we carry out. Our staff are all friendly, supportive and approachable and always happy to help. Our charges are competitive as we are a not-for-profit organisation. Any surplus we made is ploughed back into promoting equality and diversity, it’s as simple as that.

If you work with us you will enjoy the following approach

We provide external challenge and scrutiny for your organisation, utilising our knowledge of legislation and best practice to provide you with honest feedback on how you are performing or areas for improvement. However we recognise that it is not only about challenge and so we adopt a problem solving and solution focused approach to our work to ensure positive outcomes can be achieved. Leaving and assisting you with actions that will make a difference.

We want to assist you in finding solutions but recognise that for this to be achieved staff buy in, feedback and involvement is crucial. Your staff and tenants are the experts in your organisation and how it works (they also provide the best insight on what is actually happening on the ground.) Have you ever paid for consultancy and the experience left you cold inside, with lack of engagement of staff, no ongoing support, expertise already held within your organisation not used and an end product that does not result in ownership of future actions from staff? This is not the service or outcomes we want to achieve when delivering work. As a result we aim to work closely with you and your staff throughout the process and beyond. For us this is the best way to embed change and actions.

We have experience of working with a range of housing organisations and local authorities of different sizes, operational practices and levels of in-house equality expertise. We will tailor our approach so it fits with the operational environment and needs of your organisation. We will work with you to explore how to better tailor equality tools and techniques to the needs of your organisation while ensuring you still comply with best practice and legislative requirements. We are all for being innovative!

Follow up support is available through our member helpline enabling staff to ask follow up-questions when needed. We also provide a range of training services that you can use if a gap is identified.


How to use the service?

To discuss an area where you would like support or for information on our half day and daily rates fees for members and non-members please contact or call 029 21 057 957.

Need some equality and housing advice, contact our:

Members Helpline

029 21 057 957

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