Equality Health Checks (Basic and Advanced)

Our equality health checks are a review of your organisation / department that highlights areas of best practice and identifies areas of potential weakness.

The equality health check is based on your organisations / departments obligations under the Equality Act 2010, regulatory and equality frameworks and best practice.

It will explore how you identify and respond to the needs of people across the protected characteristics:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender Reassignment (Gender Identity)
  • Marriage and Civil Partnerships
  • Pregnancy and Maternity
  • Race (including ethnicity, colour and nationality)
  • Religion and belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation


Our Equality Health Check has been tailored for the housing sector.    It focuses on the following core areas:

  • Promoting an inclusive organisational culture
    • Policies and procedures
    • Leadership and Organisational Change
    • Workforce
    • Training


  • Removing barriers, increasing access and meeting diverse needs
    • Creating accessible services
    • Customer profiling
    • Engagement
    • Hate Crime and Domestic Abuse
    • Adaptions, Procurement and Housing Development


  • Challenging, Analysing and Improving services and performance on equality
    • Monitoring Performance on Equality
    • Equality Impact Assessments and Analysis


During the process you will be asked to provide documents and we will indicate whether the document needs to be reviewed. As part of the process we will also highlight areas of good practice.

There are two health checks to choose from, basic or advanced, depending on the needs of your organisation (details of each below).


The Benefits of Completing the Equality Health Check

The Health Check will give you practical recommendations for action that can help you progress on the provision of fair service delivery and employment practices.


Basic Equality Health Check (Free for members using 2 credits)

The Basic Health Check is a desktop or face to face assessment and short report to help you identify areas for future action.

The basic health check will involve up to one day of Tai Pawb’s time. During the process you will be asked to provide documents and we will indicate whether the document needs to be reviewed. As part of the process we will also highlight areas of good practice identified.

We recommend that the health check is not completed by one member of staff alone, but instead individual questions are given to appropriate staff members and departments for answering. This approach minimises the time commitment required by any one member of staff and enables us to ensure accurate answers that reflect the reality of the business.


Advanced Equality Health Check (approx. 5 days consultancy)

The advanced health check is deep dive into your organisation, it includes everything from the basic health check above plus a choice of the following options:

  • Staff and board survey
  • Tenant survey
  • Focus group with staff
  • Focus group with tenants
  • 121 meeting with Board Chair
  • 121 meeting with Chief Executive
  • 121 meetings with exec team
  • Recommendation report
  • Attendance at a senior management meeting to discuss recommendations

We can discuss your requirements and scope out the most appropriate approach for your organisation.


Following this deep dive, we will produce a report for you which includes a summary of our findings, and provide you with an action plan for the recommendations.

“Assessing where you are now and identifying actions for the future”

Reviewing the Health Check (free for members using 1  credit)

In the years following your first health check, you will have the option to review:

  • Your progress towards addressing previous year’s recommendations and further suggestions across all business areas and equality topics
  • Progress within a specific business area and/or equality topic

For further information on the equality health check or would like to carry one out please contact info@taipawb.org