Policy, Strategy & Action Plan Reviews

Tai Pawb is expert in this field and can help ensure that your policies, strategies and action plans take into account equality considerations and follow best practice.

“Getting you house in order and covering all the equality basis”

As an organisation you will have key policies and potentially schemes or strategies aimed at:

  • ensuring your organisation complies with equality legislation
  • promoting equality of opportunity
  • being responsive to diverse needs in the work you do


Often organisations in housing are challenged on equality grounds not on the contents of their equal opportunity policy but by the failure of other policies such as allocations, repairs and maintenance, anti-social behaviour to adequately address equality considerations. As a result you need to ensure that policies and procedures relating to other areas adequately take into account equality considerations. As an organisation we have expertise in both housing in Wales and equality issues and are uniquely places to provide this advice.

Tai Pawb can support you in a number of ways:

Carrying out desk top reviews and providing detailed feedback on draft schemes and strategies and related action plans

Delivering facilitated workshops with your staff and service users to assist in the development of the scheme, strategy and action plan

Assisting with the analysis of your equality information to inform a policy, strategy or scheme document

Carrying out a desk top review and feedback on equal opportunity policy and related action plan

Developing practical equality handbooks for staff to help you implement the policy or procedure in practice.

Carrying out a desk top review and providing feedback on equality related policies such as hate incidents and hate crime policies, Bulling and harassment policies to ensure that they follow good practice.

Carrying out desk top reviews and providing detailed feedback on other policies and procedures to ensure they have taken equality considerations into account (For example in the past we have provided feedback on organisation’s anti-social behaviour policies, allocation policies and income management policies.)


For further information on how we can assist you with policy, procedure and strategy reviews please contact info@taipawb.org  or call 029 2053 7630.