Why choose us?

Tai Pawb is the only organisation in Wales which has expertise in both housing and equality. This means when you receive training from us, everything is focused on the reality of housing in Wales. The majority of our staff have worked in the housing sector and all have a depth of knowledge in both areas.

Understanding equality and diversity is vital for anyone delivering a service, regardless of what sector they work in. Our staff have the expertise to help your organisation with their skills on equality and diversity whether you’re in the third, public or private sector.

Tai Pawb has been providing our expertise to the housing sector since 2005, giving us a depth of internal knowledge about housing in Wales.

All our Trainers have undertaken courses to develop their own abilities as trainers so you know they can communicate their expertise to your staff.

All Tai Pawb training courses can be tailored to meet your needs. If there is a particular area you would like to focus more on, or you would like another subject included, then we are always happy to make changes where needed.

Tai Pawb always looks to ensure our training is relevant to those receiving it. Whether it is staff, tenants or board members, we always look at making our training as appropriate to the audience receiving it as possible.

In order to enhance our training offer, we also use associate trainers who have a high degree of expertise in equality. Our associate trainers are highly experienced and offer the same high quality of service you would expect from Tai Pawb.

Training is not all that Tai Pawb does. We also offer consultancy services meaning training can fit in to a wider package of support from us. This means we can work with your staff to put the skills they have learnt in training into practice. We also offer a helpline service, meaning staff can ask their own follow-up questions where needed.

All our training courses are designed to be delivered in house. This enables staff teams to be trained together, in an environment they are familiar and comfortable with. This approach leads to better discussion and learning. It also minimises the expenses to both travel and staff time for your organisation.

Feedback on our training courses:

“The Equality training Tai Pawb provided was really helpful. The staff and tenants who took part now understand what Equality monitoring involves and why it is so important. The training was delivered in a format that was easy to understand and engaging. It has made staff more aware of the protected characteristics and how our services can be delivered in a way that is fair and non-discriminatory.” – Hafod Housing Association

Equality and Diversity Awareness Training

“Good eye opener to organisational issues”

Equality Impact Assessment Training

“Found it helpful and would definitely use what I have learnt”