Bespoke Projects

Tai Pawb has a wealth of experience in delivering bespoke projects for organisations within the housing sector. These projects are often focused on solving a particular issue an organisation is facing, providing a critical friend service or expert advice in an area of equality when an organisation does not have this in house. We will work with you at the outset to identify both the deliverables and outcomes you want to achieve through the project. All projects will be tailored to meet your individual needs.

“An expert friend, helping you solve equality challenges”

Customer Profiling and Equality Monitoring

You may think you are delivering an equal and fair service but are you sure? Gathering and then analysing equality data enables organisations to see how they are performing on equality and diversity. Through looking at this data organisations can see if people across the protected characteristics are:


  • being treated fairly
  • accessing services or employment opportunities
  • having fair treatment within services in terms of experiences and outcomes.


By investigating the story behind the data you may find that people from particular groups are disproportionately under represented, have worse outcomes or are less satisfied than other groups. If this is the case you are able to develop actions to look to address these inequalities. If you face a discrimination challenge, particularly in relation to indirect discrimination, you will need to use your equality monitoring information.

Tai Pawb can support you with this in a number of ways:

Provide guidance on equality monitoring questions and categorise to use

Provide feedback to you on your equality monitoring and customer profiling forms / questions you are looking to use

Help you identify and draw up a plan in terms of where and what you need to be equality monitoring for different services

Help you analyse equality monitoring and customer profiling data to help you identify further actions

Help you explore the story behind what the data is showing

Help identify and analyse equality data for Local Housing Market Assessments

Help with the analysis of employment equality monitoring data

Assist with analysing equality information to inform the development of equality schemes, equal opportunity policies and equality impact assessments

Facilitation and assistance in development of Accessible Housing Registers

If your organisation is looking to develop an accessible housing register or is working with others to develop one we can provide facilitation to help with this process. Tai Pawb has expert knowledge and plenty of experience in this area. We help with identifying and discussing the benefits, potential challenges for both stand alone and partnership approaches.

Research and papers on specific topics

You may be working on a specific area and want to know how it may affect a particular equality group or are interested in finding out if there is any good practice available. Make sure that your efforts and resources are focused by commissioning us to carry out desk top research. We will collate the information into a paper for you to use to inform your work.

Equality Scrutiny

Checking on how well you are doing can be  uncomfortable, but having proper processes in place can ensure that the efforts you make on equality and diversity lead to the outcomes you really want. Effective scrutiny can enable you to quality control areas such as discrimination incidents and complaints investigations to ensure that people are treated fairly. It allows for challenging questions to be asked that can lead to improvement in service delivery and prevent complacency.

Tai Pawb can support you with this in a number of ways:

Scrutiny of your discrimination incident investigations

Scrutiny and review of your completed equality impact assessments to ensure that there is consistency in approach

Assist you in developing equality related Mystery Shopping activities

Carrying out facilitation sessions with Boards exploring their equality scrutiny role

Gap analysis of complaints procedures in terms of equality

Carrying out facilitation sessions with Equality Champions exploring their equality scrutiny role

Developing Equality Guides and Handbooks

Key to delivering a service that is responsive and sensitive to diverse needs is having a prepared and knowledgeable workforce. Equality guides, handbook and quick reference sheets can be developed to supplement equality and diversity training.  These can act as a useful point of reference for staff and can be particularly important for front line staff who provide services in people’s homes. Guides can include tips on communication, making appointments, treating individuals with respect and visiting or carrying out work in a person’s home. The content, format and length of these documents are tailored to suit the needs of the organisation, staff and the services it provides.

Tai Pawb can support you with this in a number of ways:

Drafting a tailored equality handbook/ guide

Reviewing your equality handbook/ guide

Developing quick reference equality sheets tailored for specific job roles within your organisation

Assisting in developing equality handbook/ guide tailored for tenants or board members

Developing equality guides or quick reference sheets tailored for contractors

Reviewing and providing feedback on equality e-learning packages you have developed


For further information on how we can assist and support you with a bespoke project please contact or call 02921 057 957.

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