Gender Pay Gap

A female and male symbol on a set of scalesCollecting and publishing gender pay gap information is only the start of tackling gender inequality in your organisation. Tai Pawb’s exciting new member-only gender pay gap workshop programme, led by an expert in the field, will help you use your organisation’s employment and pay data to understand what is driving gender pay gaps, and discuss the long-term changes needed to prevent pay disparities being reproduced in each generation.


Our Gender Pay Gap Package

Three session workshop programme, led by Dr. Alison Parken, to consider pay gap drivers, collect and analyse evidence and to design solutions.

  • Designed to bring 3  housing associations together, each bringing 2 or 3 staff members including, for example, HR Director, workforce planning, workforce analyst, operations director and service head.
  • Participants will leave with an improved knowledge of how to analyse gender pay gap data, a completed pay gap analysis, better understanding of the causes of their gender pay gap and a clear plan to effect change in their own organisation.
  • Specific to housing associations to address your sectoral needs.

Over the three sessions

  • Expert input on causes of gender pay gaps, evidence from studies into employment and pay analyses and examples of change actions underway.
  • Sharing and facilitated discussion of high level nondisclosive data and patterns between housing associations
  • Training on setting up pay analysis
  • Discussion and interpretation of your organisation’s pay analysis data
  • Facilitated discussion of solutions and design actions to achieve change.
  • In between workshops 2 and 3, participating housing associations will collate their pay analysis in preparation for analysis during the third workshop. The package includes a personal 1 hour telephone clinic with Alison for each RSL to be held up to 3 months after the workshops for further advice on implementing actions


Expertly Led

Dr. Alison Parken FRSA, OBE, is Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff University, and freelance policy and research consultant.  Her research interests include the pay gaps, equal pay, the gendering of labour markets and employment, and mainstreaming equality within social and economic policy and organisations. Alison has provided research and advice to governments, employers and statutory equality agencies including the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Welsh Government, Government Equalities Office UK, and the European Institute of Gender Equality. She was Programme Director for the ‘Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE)’ programme at Cardiff University, and is a Co-Investigator for the GW4 Pay Equality Research Consortium.

Venue: Online, Zoom

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Not reported yet?

Even if you are not required to report your gender pay gap data, understanding how you pay women and men in your organisation can be a valuable organisational tool.

Tai Pawb can support members who have not yet collected their data and want help to do so.


Additional Support from Tai Pawb

Tai Pawb offers a range of training courses to support your work on addressing the gender pay gap, including Unconscious Bias, Equality Impact Assessments, Diversity Champions and general Equality and Diversity training. We can also develop bespoke courses to meet your specific needs.

Tai Pawb members receive quarterly policy updates from Tai Pawb and can access a range of resources on our website and free helpline advice to support you in your work to monitor and address gender pay gaps.  In addition, Tai Pawb members can advertise jobs for free on our website, to help you reach a more diverse audience.

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Download our Gender Pay Gap Package flyer.


Want to find out more about the gender pay gap in Welsh housing associations?
Read our Report ‘Closing the Gap’.


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