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15th March 2019
Brexit Briefing
Our recent Brexit Briefing was designed to discuss preparations that housing providers and related services were making in relation to Brexit. Our key speaker was Bethan Bateman, Head of Migration...
12th March 2019
Improving Accessible Housing Registers
When I started at Tai Pawb in January to do 10 weeks work placement from my Housing Policy and Practice degree I was very excited to begin work on an...
15th January 2019
Our New Work Placement: Jill
My name is Jillian Wadley, I have joined Tai Pawb as a work placement as part of my degree in Housing Policy and Practice at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I was...
9th January 2019
Time to Make the Shift?
Tai Pawb Director Alicja Zalesinska considers in greater detail the practical implications of the potential right to adequate housing in Wales, supporting the call for incorporating it into Welsh legislation....
20th December 2018
Sisters, Act!
We all want active, diverse tenant participation in the social housing sector, and there are some incredible teams, schemes, and of course tenants across Wales leading the way. However, at...