Challenging Discrimination

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Have you ever overheard something you know was wrong but were unsure how to challenge it?


To give participants an understanding of how to challenge in a constructive way and give them the confidence to start challenging behaviour and language they disagree with.


Learning Outcomes

Participants will have an opportunity to:

🏠 Discuss situations when they wanted to challenge and/or did challenge

🏠 Reflect on what situations they do wish to challenge in and which situations they don’t

🏠 Discuss case studies of situations where people might be challenged and what to do in those situations

🏠 Discuss what the consequences of challenging might be and what the consequences of not challenging might be

🏠 Learn how to challenge in a constructive way

🏠 Practise challenging skills



  1. Introductions, Outline of course, Confidentiality
  2. What do we challenge?
    What are the behaviours and language that we challenge or want to challenge?
  3. Case studies
    Examples of situations where people say/do things that could be challenged and what you can do in those situations
  4. How do we challenge?
    What are the skills needed to challenge?
    How can you challenge in a constructive way that keeps dialogue open?
    What words/tone/body language are desirable?
  5. Challenging practice
    Practicing the skills
  6. What are we taking forward?



half day course



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