Facilitated Learning

Any of our courses can be combined with a follow-on workshop to help develop on the themes explored over the training. This enables learners to discuss the relevancy of the training to their roles and the organisation, with Tai Pawb available to facilitate discussion.

This works well in helping to understand what barriers may exist within an organisation which may prevent ideas explored during training from becoming a reality or in helping staff to understand how they can achieve better outcomes for tenants and service users.

Examples of where this approach has been used before are with staff inductions, equality impact assessments and accessible housing registers.


Tai Pawb worked with Gofal, a mental health charity, to deliver training and facilitated learning as part of a staff induction. This session was repeated several times throughout the year to cover new staff members.

The morning session was Tai Pawb’s Equality and Diversity Awareness course, which enabled learners to better understand their legal responsibilities around equality and diversity as well as why it was important to the service they delivered.

The afternoon session explored their own roles in more detail, and enabled learners to come up with their own examples of where equality and diversity issues had been a barrier in enabling better outcomes for service users in their role (or in past roles) and group discussion over how this can be overcome. The group also looked at the organisations own ‘core competencies’ on equality and diversity from their staff and considered how each staff member could better meet and exceed the standards.

By combining this discussion with training, it meant staff were fully aware of how and why equality and diversity would be important to their role.

Objectives will depend on the subject that is being facilitated and the role of the staff being trained. However, the main objective will always be to explore how the ideas behind training can be turned into practical benefits for staff and service users.

Target audience

This Facilitated learning is suitable for anyone who is receiving Tai Pawb training.





How to book

To discuss a facilitated learning session or for further information please contact info@taipawb.org or call 029 2053 7630.

Feedback from attendees and organisations:

“This approach gave us the opportunity to examine the
Equality and Diversity Training content in the light of Gofal’s Core Competencies, which link in turn to our organisational aspirations. This meant that the course delegates could make their learning particularly relevant to themselves, their teams and the organisation as a whole.”

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