Customer Profiling and Equality Training

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Customer profiling and insight are key tools organisations use to collect and analyse information about their customers/tenants. This practical course offers delegates a great chance to increase their knowledge about how the equality information that they gather can be used to tailor services, identify future needs in relation to service planning and development and assess access and barriers to services and outcomes for people across the protected characteristics

Objectives – The Learners will be able to:

🏠 Explain the difference between customer profiling and equality monitoring

🏠 Analyse equality data to assess access barriers for people with protected characteristics

🏠 Use equality data to plan for future needs from services and development

🏠 Apply customer profiling information to tailor services

🏠 Identify steps which can be taken to improve equality monitoring and customer profiling data collection.

Participants will also explore and discuss how their own organisation is performing in terms of customer profiling and gain ideas on how their organisation can make the most of the information it collects.

Target audience

This course is aimed at managers, board members and staff dealing with aspects of service improvement, performance data, self-assessment and tailoring services.



1/2 day


How to book

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