Religion and belief and housing

Below you will find useful resources and information on Religion and Belief and housing. It is important to note that people with no religious beliefs are protected under the Equality Act 2010.


Accessing Members Resources

Some resources are for Tai Pawb members only and you will need a password to access them. If you are a Tai Pawb member and need details of the password or copies of documents in a Word version or alternative format please contact /012602920 537630

Tai Pawb Good Practice Briefings:

  • Religion and Belief (2010)
  • Tailoring Services to meet individual need (2008)
  • Providing Culturally Sensitive Services – Design and Layout (2005)

Useful Information

  • Muslim tenants in housing associations: feedback and engagement (Housing Corporation, 2005)
  • A Guide to Engaging Muslim Communities (CIH, 2008)

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