Unconscious Bias Workshop

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What is unconscious bias?


It is underlying stereotypes and attitudes that people unconsciously attribute to another person or a group of people which affects how they understand or engage with that person or group. 

Every one of us has a degree of unconscious bias and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, however, it is important to learn more about it and recognise how it affects the way you work and interact with people.

We know that unconscious bias isn’t a tick box exercise that can be resolved in just one session but we hope this workshop can help staff become more aware of their unconscious bias and start working towards tackling it.

Benefits of our Unconscious Bias workshop

🏠 Our workshop has been specifically designed for the housing sector

🏠 It can help you consider where unconscious bias comes from

🏠 It looks at how unconscious bias affects day to day actions

🏠 It provides practical advice on how understanding unconscious bias can be used to create an inclusive culture and better engage with tenants and service users.

🏠 Our unconscious bias workshop aligns with our Deeds Not Words pledge to end racial inequality

🏠 Our full day course can be tailored to your organisation and provide specific exercises around a chosen area of business delivery

Our half day course helps organisations to:

  • Understand what unconscious bias is
  • Consider where unconscious bias comes from
  • Think about our own unconscious bias
  • Discuss where this matters in our organisation
  • Identify how to address it and practical actions to take away

Our full day course does all the above but also:

  • Offers a more thorough exploration of the psychology detail, theory and academic findings
  • Can be more closely tailored to your organisation and issues
  • Includes specific exercises around your business delivery, with a focus on an area of your choice such as:
    – HR/Recruitment/Staff Development
    – Allocations
    – Anti-social behaviour
    – Tenant participation and engagement
    – Cultural change and harassment

Target audience

The course is suitable for staff at any level or department in an organisation, and can be tailored to meet your needs.

It is available in-house for 15 participants per session.


1/2 day or full day split over two sessions


Download our Unconscious Bias workshop flyer here


How to book

If you would like to book our Unconscious Bias Training or want further information please contact info@taipawb.org or call 029 21 057 957